Percussion Ensemble

 IMG_5747Conductor: Bill Trigg, Percussion Instructor, The College of New Jersey
Rehearsal location: Bucks County Community College
Rehearsal time: Sundays, weekly, 3:30-4:45 pm

Percussion Ensemble is designed to provide an exciting and challenging performance opportunity YOBC percussion students. This unique ensemble performs a variety of unusual and interesting music including all types of percussion instrument.

  • Includes ‘Percussion Fundamentals’ classes
  • Required for all Wind Symphony Percussionists

This ensemble is a supplement to the students’ current ensemble assignment. Percussion Ensemble is an intensive training and performance program designed to teach students percussion skills and techniques, provide experience on a variety of percussion instruments, and offer unique opportunities.

  • Performs at YOBC Chamber Concert and YOBC Fall/Spring Concerts

Listen to the Percussion Ensemble perform “A Little Song” by Anthony Cirone.